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Ted sings "Knocking on Heavens Door" in Australia


Australian Television Midday Show - No rehearsal just one take and it was live on TV, a very special performance for Ted and Tommy Millar (playing Bass). This was a trip Ted done to raise money for the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania. They had just flown for 24 hours from Scotland and straight into this programme.

"Throw these Guns Away" in USA


In May 2000 Bannockburn made the journey across the Atlantic- this time with some of the Dunblane mums-  to America's first  national anti-gun rally the Millionmommarch. This was on The Mall in Washington DC and drew the biggest crowd since the Anti Vietnam War protests. 750,000 people turned up. It was also live on TV coast to coast.

No 1 single with the children from Dunblane.


Ted and the children of Dunblane on the Kelly programme Ulster TV

Various News Broadcasts concerning Dunblane

Television News stories concerning Dunblane and the No 1 Single


BBC TV- Real Lives Reunited - Dunblane

The campaigners who helped bring about a law banning handguns in Britain after the Dunblane tragedy meet once more. Feb 2015

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