Tour Schedule



June 2022

1.GLASGOW, Classic Grand,(2pm) pre World Cup qualifier Scotland v Ukraine with "Bannockburn" and Connor Fyfe (2pm) tickets £5 from fwg@tedchristopher.scot
3. KILLIN, Falls of Dochart (9pm)
4. DUNBLANE, Village Inn, (9.15pm)
5. EDINBURGH Piper's Rest (9.30pm)

8.GLASGOW, Classic Grand 2pm Scotland v Armenia pre match party with Ted Christopher and Bannockburn. tickets £5 fwg@tedchristopher.scot
9. DUBLIN ,Old Storehouse (downstairs), Temple Bar (9pm) -
free entry
10. DUBLIN tbc
11. DUBLIN Grand Social with Tam Coyle pre Ireland v Scotland (11am)
tickets £8 from fwg@tedchristopher.scot
EDINBURGH Piper's Rest (9.30pm)
14. EDINBURGH. Stramash. Armenia v Scotland Live Stream Party 2.00 pm Start. Tickets £5 from fwg@tedchristopher.scot £6 on door
15. STIRLING, No.2 Baker st Jam Session (9.30pm)
16. INVERNESS, Gellions (9.30pm)
17. INVERNESS, Gellions (9.30pm)
19. EDINBURGH Piper's Rest (9.30pm)
23. INVERNESS, Hootenanny (9.30)
26. BANNOCKBURN Commemoration at rotunda (2pm)
26. BANNOCKBURN, Tartan Arms (3pm)
26. EDINBURGH, Whistlebinkies (with "Bannockburn") (midnight)
29. STIRLING, No.2 Baker st Jam Session (9.30pm)
30. INVERNESS, Gellions (9.30pm)

JULY 2022

1. INVERNESS, Gellions (9.30pm)
3. EDINBURGH Piper's Rest (9.30pm)
6. STIRLING, No.2 Baker st Jam Session (9.30pm)
8. BLAIRGOWRIE, details tbc
9. FRASERBURGH, Cheers (9pm)
10. EDINBURGH Piper's Rest (9.30pm)
13. STIRLING, No.2 Baker st Jam Session (9.30pm)
17. EDINBURGH Piper's Rest (9.30pm)
20. STIRLING, No.2 Baker st Jam Session (9.30pm)
23. INVERNESS, Hootenanny (9.30pm)
24. EDINBURGH Piper's Rest (9.30pm)
30. DUNBLANE, Village Inn, (9.15pm)
31. CARDENDEN, Railway Tavern (2pm) with "Bannockburn" and Andy Chung and Jim Foster - SOLD OUT!
31. EDINBURGH, Whistlebinkies (with "Bannockburn") (midnight)


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