See all you folk heading for the Tartan Arms next week. What a treat you are in for.

Ted and the band played an absolute blinder last night at the Blackearnside commemoration do in Newburgh. Last year we thought it does not get much better than this. Last night we were proved wrong, They were stunning. So Ted and the boys, I know you read this board, well done. Any readers here who have not had the pleasure then all I can say is do it soon.

Sir Duncan Balfour



My Name is Rab and I first heard Ted Christopher perform at the 700th Anniversary of William Wallace in London where I lived and worked for many years. Ted’s song “I’m coming home” inspired me to make the journey to Lanark to bring Wallace’s coffin and the hopes of Scotland hame, a few weeks later. So I took my holidays and headed for Lanark. There I saw Ted perform again and after an emotional “I’m coming home” I heard for the first time “ Follow the Wild geese home” I broke down in tears to the lyrics and made the decision there and then to give my notice at work and to move back to Scotland come what may. I felt so moved by Ted’s songs and the emotions he puts into them that while walking with Ted on the Rout of Moy I felt it was important that such a brilliant artist should actually hear how his songs inspire people. I would like to thank you Ted as your songs made me realise what is in my heart and brought a lost patriot back to his Land. Everyone near or far should listen to this amazing songster.

Robert Cairney




Hi Ted

I hope your well , just a wee note since we've landed back down under .

Thanks to you and your band , Ziggy , Big Davie Ross  and The Folks from Crann-tarra 
we had one of the most memorable nights of our holiday at the Rugby Club 14th Sept. 
Your songs are truely inspirational ; I have played your CD to death in the car, my Kids (Hannah& Emma) love "Follow the Wild Geese Home"  . The CD sets me up for the day each morning on my way to work. ( will send you some photo's of the night when we get organised). I love I'm coming home , this CD will get laldie on the music box at New Year on Philip Island.

If you or any of your band ever come to Melbourne , we would love to show you some Scottish/Australian Hospitality - there's always a bed at our place for a Scotsman . Keep singing Ted you are a star, I'll keep track of your whereabouts on the web . Good luck with gigs before and after the Italy game , hopefully a 1-0 victory to Scotland .  

Wishing you continued Freedom & Kind Regards

Stephen,Carolyn, Hannah & Emma  White + Dot ( The Mother in Law) Marks



Ted Christopher lives in the heart of Scotland, Dunblane in the City of Stirling. Roadshow is his music shop in the cobbled streets of that historic city. Ted rewrote the Bob Dylan song, "Knocking on Heaven's Door" as a memorial tribute to the Dunblane Massacre. In Australian terms the monetry value to the charities involved in the aftermath was around $1M. Ted has moved on to become an international entertainer with a diary schedule that takes him to all continents.  Ted's new CD is unlike any of the 4,000 or so on my shelves. 17 tracks that take you to the heart of Scotland   with a man whose voice was born in a gravel quarry in the highlands. All 17 tracks are classics. "The Old Man's Chair" will tear the very innards of your soul. "Hearts Across the Sea" will leave you breathless for those you miss in your life. "I'm Coming Home" will take you on a mental journey of discovery while "Follow The Wild Geese Home " will bring you to your feet as you sing the chorus. The CD of the same name is the one you have been waiting for. Take my word for it your life will benefit from possession of this astonishing masterpiece. Do your mind and heart a favour. Contact Ted today ......
Joe McManamon

Manilla New South Wales Australia



Dear Ted,

Saturday, when I arrived at the station to produce, “Scottish Voice” the CD “Follow the Wild 
Geese Home” was waiting for me.  

I cannot stop playing it.  The heart tugging words, your very distinctive and interesting voice all together with the very talented wonderful musicians have found a place in my heart.

It will be my great pleasure to give it air time.  To do your talent justice I will wait until Nov 3rd to present it to our audience as next Saturday, October 27th will be our Halloween show

As a little side note: My mother wanted to visit the place of her ancestors but was never able to. Fortunately, I was.  It was my first trip to Scotland but I felt like I had returned home. (Strange that!) It was also very special because my eldest daughter accompanied me.  We visited Fort William where I believe they came from.  Unfortunately, we did not get to Moidart where my great grandmother was born but we did visit Glen Coe where the first person killed at the “Battle” was an ancestor of ours, John Rankin.  Other places we visited were: Edinburgh, Inverness, and Portree on the Isle of Sky.  There is no place on earth quite as beautiful of that I feel certain.  How very fortunate you are to have such fine talent and to live in such beauty.  

Once again, thank you for sending us your exceptionally good CD.

Beannachd Dhe Leat!



PS Scottish Voice can be heard on Podcast 
Click on the 2nd icon at the top of the page (Podcast)
It will open up our program...scroll down to Scottish Voice...click on it .  (Click on the icon at the bottom of the page) and there we are  
Janet Stubbert 
Scottish Voice Radio Show 
CINQ 102.3 fm, 1:00pm Saturday's 
Quebec, Canada



Gorgeous video, we really have the greatest landscapes bar none, and the songs one of my favourites. It makes you realise what’s important in life as we’re no here for that long, and makes me miss my da who died twelve years ago. It’s definitely a ‘de-stressor’, your shoulders automatically go down after the intro. Never mind the ‘better than Elvis’ tag you’ve picked up………….I think you’re better than Prozac!! 
                                Helen Tennant



We should actually all be dropping to our knees in a not worthy mode. For this song. 
And Freedoms Flame. 
And Im Coming home. 
And Scottish Dawn. 
Shit, looks like im going to be kneeling for the whole gig!

Ted, you are a brilliant songwriter. I dont think i have listened to "Freedoms Flame" or "We Are" without looking deep within myself to the patriotism that beats in my heart. Im proud to know you and im inspired by your words. 
And i already know that when my time comes it will be "Im coming home" and "We are" that will play for my last gathering of patriotism on this earth. 
You manage to put into the words and lyrics the fire that burns within us all. 



The CD received me today! Thank you very much! 
Fantastically! Absolut great Songs! I'm very inspired! Thank you! 
         Thomas Schurr, Stuttgart



Just a wee note to say thanks for a great night last night. Scott had a brilliant time singing with you.
your posters are up on his bedroom wall and your music has been on all morning. I think you could tell that our table enjoyed ourselves and many a tear was shed as you sang your own songs about Scotland. Being the proud Scot that I am I wish I had found your music years ago, but its better finding it now than never finding it at all. Your song about the Mexican bandit was hilarious, and your Mexican accent was uncannily realistic? Have you been around many donkeys???
         Jim, Jackie & Scott Shade X



Hi Ted, this is Jim Tannock here from strathleven artizans based in the Renton, just a quick note to thank you for a really brilliant night at the tullie inn. Everybody I've spoken to since Saturday nite have said the same thing that you and the band were (are) brilliant and we at strathleven artizans hope to book you for next year I'll get back to you with the dates. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon hope at Elderslie Wallace day 25th Aug  ?? will be in touch again soon.



The more I listen, the more I love.  Wow, Scotland, Forever True, We Are, wow, really beautiful.  It helps more now that I've been there and see Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat, Princess Street, etc.  Thanks.
         Susan Abbott



I've been listening to your cd and what can I say.......it's even better than I expected and I KNEW it was going to be great! Don't you just want to hate some folk but can't. Anyway
it's fantastic!! 
         Kate Smith



The dance floor was packed all night with guests who were full of complements for you and your music,  as were the castle staff.

Amanda and Ross Kirkwood 
wedding Dalhousie Castle 6/7/07



We've had so many comments from our guests about how great the band were.

Sarah and Alistair Muir 
wedding Airth Castle 5/05/07



Once again, very many thanks for putting together such a superb programme for the evening. I can honestly say i have never received such enthusiastic letters of thanks.

Fiona Robertson, S & N Pub Enterprises



the band were absolutely fantastic and we would recommend you to anyone.

Julie and Paul Murphy 
wedding, Dunblane Hydro Hotel 3/09/05



Got to let you know how much I enjoyed the concert in the 'memo' on Friday night', I could have stayed and listened for hours.

Margaret Green - Lanimer bands Committee, Lanark



You played at a ceilidh organised by some friends at the University of Stirling Mountaineering club recently and they highly recommended you.

Hilary Malcolm



 It is very rarely that everybody at a function is really  happy with the band, mainly due to differing musical tastes. Well you  guys did just that on Saturday night every single person at the do said  it was the best one yet. They will be talking about it around these  parts for a long time now and this is down to you guys.

Morris Allan, Blackearnside Tartan Army



Congratulations to you and all the band and many thanks for the wonderful show you granted us last Saturday at St Joseph's in Wattrelos.

Jean-Marie Florin, Lille, France



Neil Lochiel - Gig of the year so far : Ted Christopher at Ballachulish 17th April - absolutely outstanding !!



Thank you

Dearest Ted,
Please let me say how deeply sorry I am that it has taken me nearly 8 months to write this email. I honestly dont know where the time has gone.
I wanted to personally thank you so very much for playing at our wedding at the Craigmonie Hotel in Inverness last June, you were by far the big hit of the day!! Everyone only had compliments for you, you completely ruled the night and were fantastic. Honestly, absolutely amazing and I will never forget the change of words in some of the songs (Mum and I thought we misheard at first but then you re-sang the verse and we just burst into laughter. Even thinking about it, brings the biggest smiles to our faces!!!!)
I could write a million words trying to get close to how exceptional our guests thought your were (And that includes some of the stuck up English Winking smile) but I could never do you justice. So when your having a bad day, I want you to think of how you use your songs to bring such happiness and joy into peoples lives just by being yourself.

Bruce and I travelled up to Inverness at the start of November last year for our honeymoon in the hope of seeing you sing again but we missed you by one night, and we were both beyond gutted. So, as we are heading back to Lochinver for Games day in August and to see Rhona and Big Bruce for a much needed two week holiday, we thought if you were playing in Inverness at any point, we will all be in the crowd, so we can buy you that thank you drink we promised you at our wedding!!!

And please dont worry about the CD, it arrived safe this morning and Bruce the little sod has already stolen it for his car LOL

Much love always,

Vicki Mackay




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