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Ted Christopher


Ted was born and brought up within the triangle formed by Stirling Castle, The Wallace Monument and the Field of Bannockburn – three of Scotland's most historic sites. It is hardly a surprise therefore that he comes over through his music as a very patriotic Scot. He does point out , however, that he has a love for people of all nations, even the English. After all, England has the best neighbours in the world.

He bought his first drum kit from money saved from his paper round and from the sale of a Moulton bike (remember them?) which he won for being Scottish Paperboy of The Year.

Although his mum was not keen on a kit coming in to the house his hard of hearing dad was very supportive. Until it arrived – “I thought you said a trumpet !”

Played extensively throughout the seventies with pop and rock bands (home was a transit on the A9) learning guitar and bass from the musicians he played with and starting to amass his HUGE repertoire. In 1980 joined Biggles, a function band, that he played with for 25 years. Along side that formed “Yetanother tonto” a rock band which recorded 1990 Scottish World Cup song “The Lion Roars” (England captain Terry Butcher played drums)..

The keyboard player in Tonto was Graham Whitelaw, The Scribbler, who has inspired www.thescribblerspicnic.com

In 1996 Ted recorded a re-written version of Bob Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door" with a band of musicians from Dunblane and a choir of Dunblane School kids. It was recorded at Abbey Road and featured Mark Knopfler on guitar. This was Dunblane's reaction to the horrific killing of sixteen of our primary one kids and their teacher and the wounding of many more. It was more than a tribute - it was a protest song, alongside the Snowdrop Anti-Gun campaign it played a significant part in forcing the improvement of gun legislation in the UK.

The song went straight to Number 1 in Great Britain, it raised more than half a million pounds for children's charities, but just as importantly it enabled a lot of kids and their families to smile again for the first time in many months.

As well as Bannockburn commitments Ted is in high demand as a solo artist, also performing with a selection of friends when a band is required! See the tour schedule!

Davey Sinclair



Along with Kenny Donaldson (below) Davy works extensively on the corporate and function circuits as The Craigendarloch Ceilidh Band (link to www.darloch.co.uk ). His other job is as a ski instructor on the challenging and picturesque slopes of Tillicoultry.

Kenny Donaldson

Accordion/bagpipes/ bass

Former member of The Govan Spoonful (whit a brilliant name!), Kenny is one of the few accordion players who play standing up - many have difficulty in standing after the first hour due to "box players technique".

He has been offered a new career with the Dubai Tourist Board (see gallery) but has turned it down in favour of entertaining the world with Bannockburn.

Note: "box players technique"- the art of swallying a dram without missing a note .

Robbie Sherman


Extremely visual and entertaining drummer who knows everybody in the world (or seems to). He can talk for Scotland which is fair enough as, apparently, in his other guise as a civil engineer, he built most of it.

Other squad members include:ock

Stevie Gillies
Gregor Lowrey

Guitar, bass, pipes 

(Star of Doctor Finlay's Casebook and noted author)www.boxobananas.com



 and fishing rod (as seen in "Monarch of The Glen"). SERIOUSLY HOT curry addict (as seen in Indian restuarants worldwide). www.gregorlowery.co.uk

Derek McGowan
Jeremy Atkinson

Spoons, flute (3 blind mice)



Gavin Clark
Jim Dawson




Jock the Box
John McKinnon


 and arm wrestling. Plays with Stevie in The Bananas.



Pete Goodsir
Sandy Brechin


and gurning instructor




Bob Turner
Santa Ian Wallace


 and Scottish Texting Champion. ("in case you are interested, the next one's in D") Bob has got lost in many of the world's best known cities and airports.www.ceilidhminogue.co.uk



Scott Arnott
John McAvoy




Billy Ferguson
Kevin McLean



The great highland bagpipe The wee lowland pipe Bodhran


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